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What do I need for my Puppy


We have most of our puppies on Nutrisource Small Medium Breed Puppy.  We recommend that you purchase this food for your puppy to come home on, unless we tell you differently.

Potty Pads

Our puppies use hospital bed pads (cloth incontinent pads) not plastic.  They may think the plastic pads are toys.


We recommend stainless steel bowls for their kibble and water dishes.  We also recommend that you have a designated plate for the kibble that will be mushed up with water.


Your puppy is on a puppy food and we recommend NO TREATS till well adjusted in your home. If you introduce treats too quickly or too often you may find they will stop eating  NO RAWHIDE


Our puppies are use to a playpen/exercise pen with a small crate in the corner with the door off to start with.

Chew toys

Puppies need toys, pull toys, chew toys and squeaky toys. They also can use toys to stimulate their mind. Have a variety of toys

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