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Genetic Testing

All of our Genetic Testing is done on the Poodle Panel or if the line is clear we may have chosen to just do testing on eyes. We have also done testing on our Maltese male Riley, which was clear on the Maltese Panel.  Please ask all questions.

You can view all of our testings on

One parent tested can clear a puppy that they will Never develop the disease, but it does not mean they will not be a carrier and can't pass that on to their offsprings.

As pet owners you can be rest assured with the company we use and that our puppies are going home clear on PRA Etc.

Clear parent X Clear Parent = Clear offsprings

Clear parent X Carrier Parent = 50% clear and 50% carriers

Carrier parent X Carrier Parent = 25% Clear, 25% infected, 50% Carrier

Infected X Infecter = 100% Infected

Infected - will develope the disease

Carrier - will NOT develop the disease but can pass it down to offsprings

Clear - Clear of any issues and offsprings are clear aslong as they are bred to a clear mate.  We do have some testing done at other labs which will not be on this list.  Thank you

Sadie Daughter of Ruby
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