Purchasing Policy

Due to Covid19, we reserve the right to change our policies without notice. Please ask all questions prior.

We will NOT have any pick ups or visits inside our home.  We will meet people at our porch and be more than 6 ft away.  Feel free to wear your mask and gloves!

DNA Testing Results - A Maltipoo can have results of a toy or Miniature poodle parent.  A maltese or shih tzu are NOT labeled as toy or miniature - they are just a small breed.  We do NOT label our Maltipoos as Toys or Miniatures.

Deposits and Payments

Deposits are good faith notes that you will follow through with your puppy purchase. They are not refundable unless the puppy becomes unable to be adopted or we decide the puppy would not be a good fit for your home.. Please insure that before you place a deposit that you have contacted your landlord and discussed a puppy with your family.  It is very hard for a puppy to be ready to go home and their litter mates leave and they are left behind waiting for another family.

Methods of Payment:

Deposits can be paid by cash in person check, Money order, Zelle or Cash app - we do NOT accept Paypal or Venmo.

Final balance are due in Cash only.  Please do not come planning to pay with a personal check or on an App..  We do not accept those methods for final balance.

We never take Checks or Money orders for final balance.

Pick up:

Pick up is at our home or we may meet you about30-45 minutes away from our home OR we meet at the airport (Clear water / Tampa only) on occasion (This is on hold for right now).  - We do fly into Grand rapids, Michigan airport - Cost for us to fly up there with a puppy is 200.00 - We do NOT fly to any other airport - sorry

Safety and Protection:

Until your puppy is completely vaccinated we recommend that you do not take your puppy to pet stores, dog parks or anywhere nonvaccinated dogs can frequent.  Puppies need time to complete their growth plate and should not be jumping off furniture, jumping or climbing stairs till they are older.  repeated stress to the legs can cause their knees to become loose.


I try to take pictures every other week from two weeks on. (2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks).   Our puppies are our first priority.  Once they are up moving, pictures become harder to take so please understand we will send pictures when we are able to. Puppies are not always in the MOOD to take pictures, they are to busy "being puppies" so we take the best pictures we can.. Sometimes they want to lay down, sometimes they are up and moving.  You are welcome to visit your puppy.

Breeding Practices:


Poodles, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Shipoos and Maltipoos:

For the past 10 years we have only did maltipoos from Maltese and Poodle parents, but we have had request for the darker color maltipoos which only come as a result of breeding a maltipoo to a poodle.  Zoey is our first Maltipoo mom.. We will have a 2021 or 2022 Shipoo as a mom (Cheyenne) as another request.  If you only want F1 (First generation) Please let us know and we will make sure you only are offered First Generation. These are both from my own breeding and the lines are tested and clear.  Thank you

Waiting Lists:

A expedited waiting list is a waiting lists of deposits down for a certain litter, certain color/sex.  We will contact you once the litter is 2 weeks old or we get your color/sex that you are looking for. 

A waiting list is Names/information of people looking for puppies. If you choose to wait till puppies are available on the website to put down a deposit, we ask that you continue to call or check the website and talk with us to find out when puppies will be listed.  You may visit our home once the puppies are born and available to be seen to put down your deposit to be moved to the expedited waiting list. 

Puppy Pack:

Your puppy will come home freshly bathed with a health certificate, a complete vet check,  a puppy pack, food, contract, Shots and wormers as far as age allows. Helpful hints and lifetime support.  Dews/tails will be done for poodles.  On maltipoos the dews will be done. 24/7 support from us. .


I always recommend that you wait to purchase your puppy food till just before the puppy comes home.  We feed Nutrisource Small/Medium Breed Puppy.



Each visit is by appointment to insure we are home and available for appointments. We do have activities and events we do attend and will always work with you to allow you to pick your appointments based on your schedule. Please understand showing up early or late may interfer with other appointments or our schedule.  We may not able to see you at an earlier or later time. Please call as soon as you know that your time may be different.  We do not at anytime allow outside dogs to enter our home or property. We do apologies for this inconvience but we MUST protect our puppies and adults from outside problems. 





All our (Poodles & Maltese) parents are AKC Registered.  .  Our maltipoos & Shipoos are not registered. Our puppies are sold as pets, we do no guarantee any breeding practices.



We do not groom faces on our puppies unless we absolutely have to. If you want your puppys face shaved completely clean then let us know prior to pick up.



Interceptor Plus:

All of our adults are on interceptor plus it controls worms and keeps our dogs safe from heartworm. You should always keep your dog safe from heartworm/worms and this monthly prevention is wonderful.

Below is a chart that some breeders like to use to give an idea of weight as an adult.. It is NOT an exact science but can try to pinpoint a weight for you.  It is not guaranteed or promised to be 100% accurate.  - Thank you


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